Robert was born on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds and, since childhood, has been fascinated and inspired by this spacious landscape where you can see for miles across a vast foreground.  He has enjoyed celebrating this aspect in his work along with the pattern and texture,  marks of ploughing and planting, of man-made tracks and barns, as well as the seasonal changes from poppies threaded through cornfields to the umber colours of autumn are features he has extensively explored.


For a number of years, Robert divided his time between this native Yorkshire and the Languedoc in the South of France, and more recently the town of Rojales in Southern Spain. The Languedoc provided, for him, a very different landscape – proximal and hence more intimate, leading to a greater focus on foreground than distance. In Rojales, where he has a small Finca and gallery. He developed an interest in the Flora and Forna typical of the region.

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